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Why I’m walking all over blood cancers


In 2013, Jeremy Morris was tackling our tough 55 for 5 hike, which raises money for blood cancer research and patient support, when he was told a friend of his four-year-old daughter had died from an illness linked to leukaemia. The news took on even greater poignancy because the musician was himself battling acute promyelocytic leukaemia (APML).

“It took all my strength to keep walking on through the rain that weekend but I chose to dedicate those challenging 55 kilometres to the memory of a life lost too soon to blood cancer,” Jeremy said.Chemo

“It’s incomprehensible to think someone so young could lose their life to what may be a treatable condition. Giving families hope for a cure is one of the many things that drive me on to keep raising funds for blood cancer research.”

My leukaemia diagnosis

“My leukaemia journey started on 5 September 2012. It was a Wednesday. My only symptom had been some bruising around my stomach and legs, to which I initially didn’t give much thought,” he said.

“However, as it worsened my wife urged me to ask one of my doctor colleagues to request a blood test. I was expecting a simple explanation but a few hours later we were in an emergency room at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. It was there I was diagnosed with APML.

“I ended up spending six weeks in hospital undergoing treatment to induce remission, and in total about seven months on chemotherapy in various forms. Up until Easter 2015 I was on medication to maintain my recovery and I am now in remission and off treatment.

“I hope it’s the last I ever see of blood cancer.”

Walking all over blood cancers

“I first learned about the 55 for 5 hike in 2013 and thought it would be a great opportunity to raise some funds and awareness for the Leukaemia Foundation. I also wanted to test myself physically after experiencing everything chemotherapy had to throw at me. I joined up with some close friends and we just started walking,” Jeremy said.

55for52014So why not join us in August for a beautiful two-day hike through the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, led by experienced guides. You’ll be helping give Queensland families hope for a brighter future free of blood cancers, and there is no better feeling.


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