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Little Tayte’s big heart in face of leukaemia battle

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When four-year-old Tayte was struck down with a persistent high temperature his worried mum Kristal knew something wasn’t right.

Her GP couldn’t pinpoint the exact cause of the fevers but by that afternoon her mother’s instinct told her something was very wrong with her son. With his temperature then spiking at 42 degrees she immediately rushed him to hospital.

A series of tests indicated that his blood counts were very low and pointed to either a really bad infection or a malignancy.

The decision was made to transfer him to Brisbane by helicopter where the next morning doctors confirmed every parent’s worst nightmare – Tayte had leukaemia.

Since March Tayte has completed around eight months of chemotherapy, with two and half years of maintenance treatment to follow.

“He’s going really well right now and is a happy little boy,” Kristal said.

“We’re just so inspired by his bravery and his positive attitude. It makes it that little bit easier for all the family to cope,” she said.

The Gill family have been provided with free Leukaemia Foundation support and accommodation near the hospital while in Brisbane for Tayte’s treatment.

“The support we are receiving is amazing and to repay our gratitude we’ve been holding ‘Thumbs up for Tayte’ fundraisers to give back to the Foundation and let people know they can help,” Kristal said.

The family’s most recent fundraising event raised $4,000 thanks to a supportive employer and the local community.

Little Tayte, his family and friends will be attending this Friday’s Light the Night event at Toowoomba in support of the Leukaemia Foundation and others in the community touched by blood cancer. You can support their fundraising efforts, too.


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