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Strategic Ecosystem Research Partnerships

The aim of our Strategic Ecosystem Research Partnerships (SERP) is to support high impact research and expand the Leukaemia Foundation’s influence within the blood cancer ecosystem.

These strategic partnerships support leading research that aligns with our research innovation framework and research priorities and has the potential to deliver high impact results.

Funds granted through SERP enhance the success of a research project with increased reach, uptake or implementation of improved clinical practices.

Our latest partnerships

> Multi-Million Dollar Research Program to fight GVHD
> Novel drug for treatment of Burkitt’s lymphoma
> Aplastic anaemia and bone marrow failure syndromes

Research investigators who receive this funding must share our vision and have:

  • a strong research track record
  • leadership in the blood cancer research community
  • the ability to champion the blood cancer innovation ecosystem.

Research projects that receive SERP funding will:

  • align with the Leukaemia Foundation’s research priorities
  • have the potential to drive rapid advancements in treatments and improve quality of life for people living with blood cancer
  • foster collaborations and linkages within Australia and internationally that support an exchange of resources and information that leads to innovative solutions
  • have been independently peer reviewed, ideally by the National Health and Medical Research Council or the Medical Research Future Fund.

For projects of merit, the Leukaemia Foundation will seek an external independent review to assess feasibility, quality and impact.

Last updated on August 17th, 2018

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