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PhD Scholarships Program

A new three-year program of PhD scholarships is co-funded by the Leukaemia Foundation and the Haematology Society of Australia and New Zealand (HSANZ).

The Leukaemia Foundation is helping more medical and science graduates pursue a research career in blood cancer by combining resources and working in partnership with HSANZ.

HSANZ, a society of haematologists, nurses, scientists and clinicians, holds Blood (previously called HAA) – Australia’s largest annual haematology scientific meeting – and has an existing fellowship program.

These prestigious doctoral scholarships will be awarded to Australian applicants who demonstrate outstanding merit in blood cancer research. They are open to all areas of Australian research in blood cancers and blood cancer related disorders.

Applicants’ work must align with a least one of the Leukaemia Foundation’s seven research priorities:

1. Understanding the biology of blood cancers.
2. Precision medicine – investing in new, tailor-made therapies to treat each patient’s cancer.
3. New diagnostics.
4. Novel (new) therapies.
5. Psychosocial aspects of cancer.
6. Innovative clinical trials and/or incorporation of real world data.
7. Prevention research including investigating risk factors and possible causes of blood cancers.

The PhD scholarship program offers applicants – early career scientists and haematologists – a three-year scholarship with annual funding of $40,000 (a total of $120,000 per scholarship).

Three PhD scholarships will be granted in the first and second year of this program (2018 & 2019) and two scholarships in the third year (2020).

The total value of all eight scholarships is $960,000.

The HSANZ has an existing grants and awards program and its review process, expertise and selection panel will administer the PhD scholarship program – scholarship selection (with representation from the Leukaemia Foundation) and grants administration.

The selection criteria used by the HSANZ is based on National Health and Medical Research Council scoring.

Successful recipients of the first round of three PhD scholarships will be announced at Blood 2018 (October 21-24) in Brisbane.

The first three PhD scholarships will start in January 2019.

Application Details


Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

Able to start the PhD in 2019.

Willing to present a report to the membership of HSANZ at the National Scientific Meeting: Blood during or just after the completion of their PhD studies.

Provide progress reports to the Leukaemia Foundation and HSANZ annually.

Co-operate with occasional Leukaemia Foundation promotional activity.

A member of the Haematology Society of Australia and New Zealand.

Applicants may only receive one PhD scholarship or Clinical Fellowship during their lifetime.

The Leukaemia Foundation and HSANZ PhD Scholarship will:

Provide total funding of no more than $120,000 comprising:
– a stipend of $37,000 per annum;
– a consumable budget of up to $3,000 per annum.

Continue to fund each PhD Scholarship awarded until completion of the PhD for no more than three years of full-time study.

Be dependent on submission of the required reports to HSANZ and the Leukaemia Foundation.

Applications must contain a

Research Proposal (5 pages maximum including references). CV of the applicant (3 pages maximum).

Statement of how the proposed research project directly relates to the

Leukaemia Foundation’s research priorities for 2019, and the aims and objectives or the Haematology Society of Australia and New Zealand (1 page maximum).

Written reference from a referee familiar with the applicant’s recent work history (1 page maximum).

Research supervisor report to confirm laboratory support for the research proposal. The report should also comment on the suitability of the applicant for
the proposed project and likelihood for successful completion of the project within the proposed time period.

Application Procedure

Applications must be accompanied by all relevant documentation.

Applications must be submitted in full by 5 pm on the closing date.

Applicants will submit two copies of their scholarship application:
– one printed and posted to the HSANZ Office, and
– one electronic (pdf) emailed to HSANZ Office.

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Applications will be subject to review by a committee comprised of the HSANZ Council, and a representative of the Leukaemia Foundation.

The outcome of applications will be announced mid-October 2018.

The Leukaemia Foundation and HSANZ reserve the right to not award scholarships.

Applications Close

Friday, 21 September 2018 at 5:00 pm

Submitting Electronic (pdf) Applications

Electronic applications, along with all supporting documents should be submitted as a single pdf.
The pdf should be named LFHSANZ_PhD2019_[FamilyName] and submitted, by email, to HSANZ at:

Submitting Hard Copy (Printed) Applications

The hard copies of applications, including all supporting documents should be posted to:
The Haematology Society of Australia and New Zealand (HSANZ)
145 Macquarie St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

Download pdf of application information

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