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Current clinical trials

ALLG clinical trial HD10: Treatment optimization trial in the first-line treatment of advanced stage Hodgkin lymphoma; comparison of 4-6 cycles of escalated BEACOPP with 4-6 cycles of BrECADD

Trial Lead: Professor Mark Hertzberg

HD10 is an international, prospective, randomised and open-label phase III trial. The aim of this trial is to prove that the new chemotherapy regimen BrECADD, is non-inferior to BEACOPP as first line treatment in advanced stage classical Hodgkin lymphoma, each followed by radiotherapy to PET-positive residual lesions greater than or equal to 2.5cm, to improve PFS rates.

The co-primary endpoint for this trial is the rate of serious treatment-related morbidity- “TRMorbidity”. Secondary Endpoints are Overall Survival, Tumour response (final treatment outcome), Infertility rate at 1 year, Secondary Malignancies.

The clinical trial will recruit approximately 90 patients across 16 Australasian sites. The timeline for the recruitment of patients is 2018 to mid-2020.

ALLG clinical trial NHL30:  PETReA: Phase 3 evaluation of PET-guided, Response-Adapted therapy in patients with previously untreated, high tumour burden follicular lymphoma.

Trial Lead: Associate Professor Judith Trotman

The study aims to use a [18F]-Fluoro-deoxyglucose (FDG) PET-computed tomography (CT) response-adapted approach, with two randomisations aimed to improve the outcome of patients who remain PET-positive after initial immunochemotherapy, who have been demonstrated to have a very poor outcome, (a superiority study), and to minimise further treatment for good prognosis patients who become PET-negative (a non-inferiority study).  In addition, a comprehensive set of correlative samples will be collected to define immunologic biomarkers of response to treatment.

The clinical trial will recruit approximately 37 patients across 6 Australasian sites. The timeline for the recruitment of patients is 2018 to 2021.

More information

Visit the ALLG website or talk to your haematologist if you’re interested in signing up to any of these trials.

Last updated on December 16th, 2019

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