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Strategic Ecosystem Research Partnerships (SERP)

The Leukaemia Foundation is committed to developing strategic partnerships with researchers who share our vision and whose research aligns with our research priorities. Through these partnerships we aim to leverage our research investment and shape and strengthen the blood cancer innovation ecosystem. Many of today’s leading haematology researchers acknowledge the role of the Leukaemia Foundation during their early research career.

The SERP program is not based on a general “callout” for project proposals or grant funding cycles but projects will be accepted on a rolling basis when funds become available. Typically, projects will take 12-18 months from proposal to funding stage.

How to apply for SERP

To apply for SERP please send a proposal to including the following:

  • Summary of the project
  • How it will help people living with blood cancer
  • What funding does this project already have?
  • How much are you asking from LF?
  • Which of our priorities are you meeting?
  • How does this project demonstrate a collaborative approach?

SERP Criteria

  • Aligns with the Leukaemia Foundation’s research priorities
  • The project builds upon previously Leukaemia Foundation funded research
  • Represents high quality research with the potential to deliver high impact  results that drive rapid advancements in treatments and /or clinical practice and improve quality of life for all people living with blood cancer
  • the researchers have demonstrated that the Leukaemia Foundation’s funds will significantly enhance the project’s success by increasing either reach, uptake or implementation of clinical practice improvements. (Performance measures and KPIs to be included in formal funding agreement)
  • fosters collaborations and linkages (national and international) which nurture and support the exchange of resources and information that lead
    to innovative solutions
  • the researchers have demonstrated that their project has been independently peer reviewed especially by NH&MRC or MRFF or in the small
    number cases where this has not occurred but the project has merit, the Leukaemia Foundation will seek an external independent review to assess its feasibility, quality and impact.

Investigator qualities

Strategic Ecosystem Research Partnership (SERP) Funding may be made available to researchers who exhibit these qualities:

  • a strong research track record
  • acknowledged capacity and leadership within the blood cancer research community
  • the ability to champion the blood cancer innovation ecosystem

For any further queries about SERP please contact:

Dr Peter Diamond
Head of Research – Blood Cancer Partnerships
Phone: 08 8169 6030

Posted on December 11th, 2019

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