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Supporting survivors

Due to advances in treatments, more patients with blood cancers are surviving long term. This is wonderful news. However, as patients return to their ‘normal’ lives following their illness; they may be challenged by a range of unique physical, social and emotional issues. The Leukaemia Foundation is committed to caring for blood cancer survivors.

We have recently undertaken research in partnership with the International Program of Psycho-Social Health Research (IPP-SHR) at the Central Queensland University, with the specific aim of developing a survivorship program designed to improve the recovery and well being of patients who have survived blood cancer, including leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma.

The research currently being completed will identify the most common survivorship issues and allow the Leukaemia Foundation to extend their existing support services and provide the best possible care to patients during their treatment and beyond.

If you are a blood cancer survivor and require support, contact the Leukaemia Foundation on phone 1800 620 420 or email

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