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Child-related assistance

Explaining cancer to kids

Children’s emotional and practical needs differ from adults.  The Leukaemia Foundation has resources for parents to better explain blood cancer and its treatment to children, and facilitate conversation between parent and child about how the child is feeling. Younger children might like to read the following books with you:

Jess’ Stem Cell Donation
Ben’s Stem Cell Transplant
Tom has Lymphoma
Joe has Leukaemia

Practical child-related assistance

The Leukaemia Foundation’s Support Service Coordinators are available to help families who have a child impacted by a blood cancer in some way.  Occasionally care is required for children whose parent or sibling may be a patient. We can help find and organise suitable child care options, assist you in approaching schools and child care for fee reduction or temporary schooling, and also visit schools to speak to classmates about their friend’s illness.

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