MPN Patient Stories


Hear from people who have been directly impacted by MPN. They recount how they were diagnosed, provide details of their treatments and tell us how they felt on their journey. If you would like to share your story here please send us a message via the MPN AA contact email:

Nathalie Cook feared she was having a stroke before being diagnosed with essential thrombocythemia (ET). In this detailed account, Nathalie talks about her experiences. Read Nathalie’s story >
Doreen Donaldson was diagnosed with polycythemia vera (PV) in 2013. She tells us about her diagnosis, treatment and hopes for the future. Read Doreen’s story >
Heather Hughes has essential thrombocythemia (ET) with the JAK2 gene mutation and was diagnosed in February 2016. She provides tips and advice for those newly diagnosed. Read Heather’s story >
Jenny Shepherd was diagnosed with polycythaemia rubra vera (PRV) after a blood test. She explains more about the support she has received and the impact PRV has had on her life. Read Jenny’s story >
Initially doctors thought Jennie Wigginton had essential thrombocythemia (ET), but after further investigation she was diagnosed with myleofibrosisRead Jennie’s story >
Tracy was diagnosed with essential thrombocythemia (ET) in 1990. Here she provides some unique insights into her 26-year journey with MPN and tells us how it has affected her life. Read Tracy’s story >


Or watch Ken Young’s patient story as he presented it at the 2017 MPN Patient Program in Melbourne:

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