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September spotlights blood cancer and our bold new goal

September delivers the launch of Blood Cancer Awareness Month and the Leukaemia Foundation’s bold new goal – Zero Lives Lost to Blood Cancer by 2035.  

Since 1975, the Leukaemia Foundation has provided people with blood cancer access to extensive practical and emotional support. Along with that support, and advances in treatments, research and the understanding of blood cancers, we’ve seen significant improvements in survival. But it’s not enough.  

We spoke to people from across the Australian blood cancer community and the message was clear – people need more. They want simple and fast access to advances in blood cancer treatment, support, and information that will help them not just to survive but live well.  

From those conversations came the ambitious goal that will see no more lives lost to this disease by 2035. The Leukaemia Foundation has committed to taking the lead on the path to reaching this goal and our first big step to getting there is the launch of our State of the Nation: Blood Cancer in Australia report

The Report, for the first time, gives a true sense of the scale of blood cancer in this country and shows there is a path to delivering change, improving access and supporting innovative research that will help us reach that goal. 

You’ll also start to see #MyLifeCounts appearing throughout September and beyond as our way of standing with people with blood cancer and recognising they are the ones who will be the beneficiaries of this bold new goal. 

As part of Blood Cancer Awareness Month, the Leukaemia Foundation will shine a spotlight on the many different blood cancers and the people affected by them. We’d like to encourage you to follow us on our social channels and check in on our website to learn, share and participate all through September. 

If you’d like a full copy of the State of the Nation: Blood Cancer in Australia report or our My Life Counts brochure that provides a summary of the Report and outlines our next steps, go to 

Last updated on September 3rd, 2019

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