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T-cell lymphoma medicine now accessible for all Australians [Publish Date: 28/03/2018]

The Leukaemia Foundation welcomes the Federal Government’s announcement that the cancer medicine pralatrexate, sold under the name Folotyn, will be added to Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) from 1 April 2018.

Folotyn is used to treat patients aged 18 years or older with peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL) after previous treatments have

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Leukaemia Foundation supports myeloma biomarker breakthrough [Publish Date: 16/03/2018]

Research released by QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute today identifying the IL-18 molecule as an important biomarker for myeloma is being hailed an important step by the Leukaemia Foundation.

Myeloma is a blood cancer which affects the body’s plasma cells

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A friend can be the best thing in the world [Publish Date: 22/02/2018]

When Earlene’s two-year-old son, Jacob, was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, it felt like, “A punch in the face. It came from nowhere”.

Earlene and Jacob were far from home – it all happened so fast. One minute they were at home in Blackwater, Queensland. The next they were

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Leukaemia Foundation Chairman Joins Shave Crew [Publish Date: 21/02/2018]

“Be bold, go bald!”

That’s the call to action from Leukaemia Foundation Chairman, Beverley Mirolo OAM, as she prepares to lose her locks in this year’s 20th World’s Greatest Shave.

Beverley’s team is strong, with daughter Fiona, granddaughter Stephanie and a number of

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Haematologist swims oceans to make a difference [Publish Date: 22/01/2018]

Haematologist Orly Lavee will be taking on a 2km ocean swim and 10km coastal run in the Sydney Morning Herald 2018 Sun Run Cole Classic from February 3-4 to help raise awareness and funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.

One of the oldest sporting events in Australia, the Sun

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Growing concern as blood cancer rates continue to rise [Publish Date: 16/01/2018]

The Leukaemia Foundation’s CEO Bill Petch is reminding the nation the number of Australians dying from blood cancer is now DOUBLE those losing their life to melanoma 1, as registrations for the 20th anniversary of World’s Greatest Shave open today.

Every day another

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Ibrutinib now cheaper for patients [Publish Date: 09/10/2017]

The Leukaemia Foundation welcomes the Federal Government’s announcement that the cancer medicine, IMBRUVICA® (ibrutinib) will be added to Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) from 1 December 2017.

Bill Petch, CEO at the Leukaemia Foundation said this announcement is an important step forward for people living with

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The latest on CAR T-cell therapy research [Publish Date: 28/06/2017]

A clinical trial will test advancements in chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy developed in Australia and funded by the Leukaemia Foundation*.

The clinical trial opened in Sydney in August 2017 for people with relapsed B-cell leukaemias and lymphomas, following TGA and ethics approvals.

CAR T-cells are a revolutionary

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World-first blood test could provide more effective, less invasive blood cancer treatments [Publish Date: 20/06/2017]


A world-first “liquid biopsy” could soon offer you direct access to a simple blood test to help in the monitoring and management of your blood cancer treatment.

The blood test promises a new era of less invasive, more precise and effective management of your blood cancer, in place of painful

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15-year Holden partnership celebrated [Publish Date: 15/06/2017]

A brand new Astra, Trailblazer and Trax were unveiled at the recent joint celebration acknowledging Holden’s 15 years of support for the Leukaemia Foundation’s Patient Transport Program in Victoria, bringing their fleet support from 17 vehicles to 20.

Many of our amazing volunteer drivers, supporters of the service and special

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