REVEALED: The birthplace of the World’s Greatest Shave and its Chins

Come to Chinville

Love them or hate them, the home of the Leukaemia Foundation’s iconic Chins, and birthplace of the World’s Greatest Shave, can now finally be revealed.

Aussies are this year being urged to check in at Chinville and register to join the town’s charismatic Mayor and his adoring Chinions in getting sponsored to shave or colour their hair.

Money raised during World’s Greatest Shave from March 10-13 will go on to help people with blood cancers – including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma – in communities across the country.

“Over the years, we’ve become pretty close to our Chins but we’ve never got around to finding out where they live,” Dave Simms, Leukaemia Foundation Head of Fundraising, said.

“It was a hair-raising search but we finally stumbled across Chinville, the official birthplace of World’s Greatest Shave.”

“Its exact location is top secret but it’s an extraordinary place where the streets are filled with Chinions colouring or cutting their hair. They’re all raising the money that will help support the 34 Australians who will be diagnosed with a blood cancer today, and tomorrow, and every day.”

Help Chinville raise $18 million

From small beginnings in 1998, World’s Greatest Shave is now the Leukaemia Foundation’s most important fundraiser. The charity hopes more than 150,000 people will get involved at home, work, school or at hundreds of public events.

“We urgently need to raise $18 million in 2016 to fund life-saving research and provide emotional and practical support for the many families impacted by blood cancers,” Dave said.

“When you’re healthy, it’s hard to understand the value of counselling, transport to and from chemotherapy, or being given a free place to stay during treatment. But it is support that can make a life-changing difference.”

Aussies of all ages can take part in World’s Greatest Shave and you don’t need to shave your head to join this iconic event. Participants can also get sponsored to colour their hair, while guys can wax their chest or their legs, or ditch their hipster beard or mo.

“Ultimately, it’s just your hair. What better way to show your Aussie spirit of mateship then by deciding to lose or change your hair for a little while to help others get through the toughest of times,” Dave added.

“We’re excited about throwing open the gates of Chinville – and everyone’s invited!”


Join the Leukaemia Foundation in Chinville and meet the Chinions at or call 1800 500 088.