A friend can be the best thing in the world

When Earlene’s two-year-old son, Jacob, was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, it felt like, “A punch in the face. It came from nowhere”.

Earlene and Jacob were far from home – it all happened so fast. One minute they were at home in Blackwater, Queensland. The next they were flying to Brisbane for tests.

Earlene couldn’t eat. She couldn’t sleep. All she could do was worry.

‘Where are we going to stay?’ ‘What’s going to happen about work?’ ‘How are we going to survive as a family?’

For families like Jacob’s, it really is that bleak – but you can reach out and offer your friendship and support.

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Jacob faced cycle after cycle of chemotherapy, and then a bone marrow transplant – he needed his family to support him.

“He just wanted me to be by his side all the time. He was so young and so little.”

Jacob in hospital

Earlene felt pulled in every direction. Jacob needed her, but so did her other two children, Matthew and Erin. And it was just as difficult for her husband Don.

We offered Earlene, Don and their children practical and emotional support that got them through a terrible time.

We were there for the family when Jacob came through his bone marrow transplant, and when his chemotherapy came to an end.

We were also there for them when Jacob’s cancer came back – just one week later.

Just imagine facing that without the support of people who understand.

Today, Jacob is undergoing cancer treatment again, and the family are living back in our accommodation.

Please give as generously as you can now.