Holden donates 17 Commodores to help Australians get to life-saving treatment | Leukaemia Foundation

Holden donates 17 Commodores to help Australians get to life-saving treatment

Sunday, 29 October 2016


Finding a way to attend vital appointments can be an added burden to someone already facing a life-threatening blood cancer diagnosis.

Holden are helping to alleviate this stress and provide better journeys to treatment by supplying the Leukaemia Foundation’s nationwide Patient Transport Program with 17 new Commodores.

Getting to and from treatment sounds simple, but for people with a blood cancer, it present with huge barriers. Attending treatment, often in unfamiliar facilities and locations, brings a host of complications, adding to the stress of being diagnosed.

Driving long distances when unwell, navigating tedious or unfamiliar traffic, and finding parking in close proximity can all add extra stress, at a time when people can least endure it. Other people may need to rely on family and friends to help and unfortunately public transport simply isn’t an option when a person’s immune system is severely compromised and they are at high risk of infection.

Holden’s support and ongoing commitment to providing vehicles to the Leukaemia Foundation’s Patient Transport Program combined with a dedicated team of volunteer drivers, including many Holden employees, provides a valuable service for those affected by blood cancer.

“The Leukaemia Foundation Patient Transport Program enables thousands of blood cancer patients to access lifesaving treatment every year,” said Sean Poppitt, Director of Communications at GM Holden.

“The Leukaemia Foundation provides an enormously valuable service to patients and their families across Australia. We’ve been a partner with Leukaemia Foundation for over 14 years and we’re incredibly proud of our enduring partnership. With Holden’s ongoing support, this program can extend its reach to as many Australians as possible,” said Mr Poppitt.

In the past 12 months, more than 2,000 families have utilised the Leukaemia Foundation’s transport service to and from vital treatment, safely and free of charge. Holden’s fleet of vehicles has collectively made more than 33,000 trips and travelled more than 1.4 million kilometres.

Leukaemia Foundation CEO Bill Petch says Holden’s contribution to the Patient Transport Program over the past fifteen years has helped make the vital service possible and ensured that people living with a blood cancer diagnosis can safely and comfortably attend their lifesaving treatment.

“Since 2002, Holden’s continued support has ensured that Australians impacted by blood cancer can access the Leukaemia Foundation’s Patient Transport Program,” he said.

“The value of this service to families who are struggling with blood cancer diagnosis can’t be underestimated and we are very proud to have such a strong partnership with Holden.”