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Positive. Heart-warming. Feel Good.

Goodbye Treatment!

“I am so excited to start the recovery process and enjoy the rest of my life. I wore this butterfly tracksuit to symbolise my freedom.”

– Nadia, celebrating her last day of treatment. 

In the space of 9 months, Nadia has had the best and worst days of her life. Finding out she had leukaemia was incredibly difficult, but finishing treatment is the best! It’s been a hard year, but Nadia is grateful for the huge kindness she’s been shown from generous supporters like you. 


Growing in great ways! 

It’s been three years since Tyler’s been able to keep his hair, thanks to treatment making it fall out. Now he’s got some great growth to celebrate – with remission from blood cancer his health is going from strength to strength and his hair is looking lush!  

 ”This time last year my eyebrows had fallen off and my hair was shorter than my eyebrows are now! I decided to grow my hair after my lymphoma and this is the longest it’s ever been. Just felt like I should share this happy selfie!”

– Tyler, feeling great about his new post-treatment look 

Crossing the finish line.

Spending half of his life undergoing treatment and missing years of school hasn’t been fun for Hunter. But fun is now back on the agenda for this seven-year-old after promising Car-T cell therapy!  
“For the first time ever he got to compete in his school sports carnival! I went to bed with visions of him running to the finish line with a huge smile. Who would have thought he would have come this far in just a year.” 

– Kate, Hunter’s mum