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Access to Exercise

Illustration of someone riding a bike, next to someone walking through a grassy field

We’re currently running a pilot called Access to Exercise that will help get you moving!

Exercise is essential at any stage on the blood cancer journey, but it can be difficult to know what you need to do or how to get started. Barriers stopping you from exercising may be based on where you live, how tired and weak you feel, and the costs involved.

This pilot will give you information on the benefits of exercise, identify your individual barriers and help get you motivated and moving, with our support.

What are some of the ways the pilot will support you if you have a blood cancer diagnosis?

  • We’ll link you to self-directed exercise options
  • Help you access a Chronic Disease Management Plan through your GP, to help reduce the cost of visiting an exercise professional
  • Provide access to appropriate exercise support, individual to you, no matter where you live or what stage you’re at – diagnosis, treatment, or survivorship
  • Our Blood Cancer Support Coordinators will provide individualised support to help you get motivated and moving!

So get started now – call 1800 620 420 and ask to be referred to the Access to Exercise pilot or complete a self-referral online and mention the pilot.

Information and support service referral

Complete a self-referral online and mention the Access to Exercise pilot.