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Helping others is in my DNA

Helen and Prinnie

Helen has no idea how many kilometres she has walked with her beloved pooch Prinnie over the last 15 years of collecting for our annual Doorknock campaign. But she does know every step has been worth it to help save the lives of children with blood cancer – like her young friend, Rachel, who was diagnosed with leukaemia in 1991.

“Rachel was the daughter of my good friend, Brenda, who I met at Masonic Care where I nursed for 37 years,” Helen said.

Sadly Rachel only survived a few months but the courage shown by her and her family inspired Helen to do what she could to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation and help others affected by a blood cancer.

“I was devastated when Rachel was diagnosed. She was such a happy girl and I still marvel at how bravely she faced her leukaemia treatment.”

“Rachel and her family experienced leukaemia first-hand – it’s not too much for me to give up a few hours every year to encourage people to give to a great cause. My mum and dad were always helping others so it’s in my DNA,” she added.

A self-confessed poodle lover, Helen said having Prinnie by her side when she knocks on doors is a great icebreaker and has helped her collect more than $4,500 over 15 years.

This year, the Leukaemia Foundation needs more than 16,500 pairs of hands to knock on doors across Queensland and help open the door to a blood cancer cure.

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