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Getting my life in order

Getting my life in order

Need help navigating the financial fall-out following a blood cancer diagnosis?

Hear from our guest speakers at the upcoming ‘Getting my life in order’ seminar at ESA Village, who will outline solutions to common financial and legal issues arising from a blood cancer diagnosis.

Guest speakers: Long term Leukaemia Foundation budgeting volunteer, Laurie Martin will discuss budgeting and debt reduction strategies. Solicitor, Trudy Naylor discusses estate planning and a community engagement officer from Centrelink will give an overview of the applicable government assistance schemes.

When? Tuesday 8 November, 1 – 3 pm at the ESA Village conference room, 41 Peter Doherty Street, Dutton Park.

RSVP now on 3055 8233. 

Addressing financial difficulties

Phone bills, mortgage payments, petrol, parking and everyday expenses are probably not top of mind when you or a family member have been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Accessing immediate treatment naturally becomes the overriding priority. However the financial implications of you or a carer taking time off work, extra medical costs and leaving your home to live in a different city can be devastating.

When financial matters become overwhelming, it is important that a patient be relieved of money worries so they can focus on getting well.

At this point it may be helpful to consult long term Leukaemia Foundation budgeting volunteer, Laurie Martin who can discuss some sensible options to see you through. Laurie has extensive experience in the financial sector and is also a former AML patient so he has valuable insight into the challenges you may be facing.

Laurie’s expertise lies in presenting a range of options and strategy based on your circumstances. This might include discussing debt amalgamation or repayment deferral with your bank, release of cash from other assets, early release superannuation claims and insurance claims. He can also assist in preparing a budget to help ends meet. Go to our Financial matters page for more information.

If you require guidance with financial matters please contact us on 3055 8233 for an initial discussion.

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