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Why I volunteer

Jose Cumsille

Amandeep Beniwal, Jose Cumsille and Professor Pam McGrath

Leukaemia Foundation volunteers Amandeep Beniwal and Jose Cumsille with researcher Professor Pam McGrath

“This year I worked as a volunteer research assistant on a project with the Leukaemia Foundation, which aimed to achieve a better understanding of the transport costs patients undertake to receive treatment.

This project was in partnership between the Leukaemia Foundation and Griffith University, and was conducted in collaboration with the Queensland Cancer Registry. I decided to apply as I realised my background could be of assistance for this project and I wanted to achieve work experience related to my career.

During my time volunteering I contributed to the project by managing data and offering statistical support to researchers. I felt my assistance was highly appreciated from other researchers and it felt very rewarding to work within an interdisciplinary team of researchers on this important issue. As a volunteer this was an opportunity for me to meet great people and get exposure to a health research environment.

After finishing my volunteer experience I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to continue pursuing research in this fascinating field.

The volunteering I undertook with the Leukaemia Foundation was a rewarding experience that became a stepping-stone to further advancement in my professional career development. I would highly recommend applying to the Leukaemia Foundation’s volunteer program, and seeing the benefits this program could add to your own life.”

Last updated on April 15th, 2019

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