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1. Authority to Fundraise

The Leukaemia Foundation is legally required to approve and authorise all volunteer fundraising activities. Once your event is approved, the Foundation will provide you with a letter giving you confirmation of your legal authority. This is issued following receipt and approval of your fundraising application form. Approval will be granted when the Foundation:
1. has received a written and signed application
2. is satisfied that the fundraising activity will produce a reasonable return after expenses have been deducted
3. is satisfied that the fundraising activity fits in with the aims and values of the Leukaemia Foundation and complies with these guidelines
4. is satisfied the fundraising activity is not high risk.
Once the authority to fundraise is issued, these guidelines will form the basis of the terms and conditions of the fundraising activity.
“The fundraiser” means the individual or organisation holding the fundraising activity on behalf of the Leukaemia Foundation.

2. Responsibility
The fundraiser will be run in the name of the person listed on the authorisation form and will be solely responsible for the activity. The fundraiser, not the Leukaemia Foundation, will be responsible for the coordination and management of the event, finances, prizes, publicity and/or goods and services required to run the activity. However, where possible, support and advice will be offered. In your correspondence and promotion of the event, please ensure you make clear that the fundraising activity is not the Leukaemia Foundation’s but instead is an activity to raise funds for donation to the Foundation. Suggested phrases to use include: “proudly supporting the Leukaemia Foundation” or “funds raised will go to support the work of the Leukaemia Foundation”.

3. Public liability insurance
Leukaemia Foundation can provide public liability insurance for fundraising events organised by a third-party. You will need to consider insurance to cover your fundraising activity to protect property, participants and the public. Arranging the appropriate type and level of insurance for your activity is strongly recommended. However the Foundation reserves the right to refuse authority for events that are deemed dangerous or unacceptably risky. This may include activities involving:
• Animals or animal rides
• Motor vehicle and motor bike racing
• Dangerous machinery
• Clock or time trials, racing or similar competitive events
The Foundation will not endorse events that may adversely effect your health (e.g. smoking) or which involve the use of firearms, missiles, explosives or fireworks. All fundraising activities must comply with Australian laws and regulations.

4. Media and promotional materials
Generating publicity before your fundraiser starts is a great way to help increase ticket sales, get local support and raise awareness about the cause. You are responsible for generating your publicity however the Foundation is able to provide media fact sheets about the Leukaemia Foundation in your regional area. If the media require information about the Leukaemia Foundation, leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders they must contact our media team on 1800 620 420. The fundraiser is not authorised to speak on behalf of the Foundation, only about the
fundraising activity. Please also remember to make clear you are raising money in aid of the Leukaemia Foundation but that you do not represent the Leukaemia Foundation. All printed promotional materials must be approved by the Leukaemia Foundation prior to print and circulation. When stating where the funds raised will go, please use the following phrase “funds raised will help patients and families living with leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma or related blood disorders as well as fund vital research into better treatments and cures.” Please refer to the Foundation as “the Leukaemia Foundation” (not state specific).

5. Logo usage
The Leukaemia Foundation logo is available upon request. Any placement of the Leukaemia Foundation logo (by yourselves or supporting commercial
organisations) must be approved by the Foundation. Guidelines on how to use the logo are supplied upon request and following approval.

6. Leukaemia Foundation website

We can include your event/activity’s details on the Foundation’s website Please ensure you provide the Foundation with as much
information about your upcoming activity as possible.

7. Approaching companies for support

The Leukaemia Foundation is regularly speaking to companies regarding their support. As such, please do not approach the national or state office of a company for prizes or sponsorship without prior consultation with the Foundation. Although these policies may be frustrating, they serve several important purposes: The company or group may already support us; It looks very unprofessional if a company is
approached more than once; Aproaching a national or state office couldpotentially destroy negotiations for a major sponsorship.


8. Money matters

As the fundraiser, you are responsible for all financial aspects of the activity including record keeping, management of funds, issuing receipts and depositing funds into the Leukaemia Foundation’s bank account. You must comply with the Charitable Fundraising Act and regulations in your state. The basic obligations are:
• Keep and provide the Leukaemia Foundation with accurate financial records including a budget or your activity
• All funds raised must be deposited into the Leukaemia Foundation account within three weeks of the fundraising activity using the deposit slip provided (in your receipt books)
• All receipt books used and unused must be returned to the Leukaemia Foundation in your capital city
• The Leukaemia Foundation cannot pay expenses incurred by you, but you can deduct your necessary expenses from the proceeds of your event, provided they are properly documented. (Total expenses must be less than 30% of total proceeds). TIP for record keeping: a simple way to keep track of
the financial details of your event is to keep a folder with a number of plastic sleeves. Use individual sleeves to keep receipts, bank deposit stubs, cheques donated, donor sponsorship/tally sheets. A budget template is provided for your use in this kit.

9. Issuing a Foundation receipt

The Foundation will supply receipt books on request. There are two types of official Leukaemia Foundation receipts that can be issued:
a) A non tax-deductible receipt (brown receipt book). This is for when the person gets something in return for giving (for example a raffle ticket,
entry to an event, auction purchases).
b) A tax-deductible receipt. (blue receipt book). This is issued for a straight donation. That is, when the donor receives nothing back in return (e.g. straight monetary donation or donation of a prize to be used in the fundraiser to benefit the Foundation). The fundraiser is responsible for issuing the correct receipt. If in doubt, please refer to the Australian Tax Office website under ‘tax deductible gifts’.
Points to note:
• Tax-deductible receipts can only be issued to people donating money of $2 or more
• Receipts can be written and issued immediately for all money received
• You cannot claim tax deduction for monies received on behalf of others
• You cannot claim tax deduction for gifts that are donated to your activity
• If preferred, the fundraiser can keep a register of all attendees/supporters eligible for a tax-deductible receipt. Individual receipts can be sent to the fundraiser for distribution to attendees/supporters
• If supplied, Leukaemia Foundation official receipt books and raffle books must be returned (used and unused) to the Leukaemia Foundation.

10. Doorknocking

Please DO NOT doorknock to individual houses to collect donations or to promote your fundraiser. In many council areas around Australia, doorknocking is illegal without a special permit.

11. Legal implications

All fundraising activities must be legal, complying with all Australian Federal and State laws. In each state, there is a Charitable Fundraising Act or equivalent that the Leukaemia Foundation and people fundraising for the Foundation must adhere to. Other regulations you should be aware of relate to gaming, liquor licensing and preparation of food.
12. Third party permits and permission

• Consider informing the Police, Red Cross/St John’s Ambulance if it is a large event
• Obtain permits from your local council. It may be wise to investigate the requirements before too much planning has been done.
The Foundation wishes you every success in your fundraising activity. Thank you again for your support and commitment to helping others in need.

Last updated on May 27th, 2019

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