Light the Night

Light the Night

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Every day another 35 Australians are told they have blood cancer, immediately plunging them and their families into a world of gruelling medical treatments and fearful uncertainty.

They may not realise it but, in this darkest moment, they’re not alone.

Every one of us who raises money and carries a lantern at a Leukaemia Foundation Light the Night event will help light the way for them.

Together we will be there to provide every Australian with the support and services they need to beat their blood cancer.

That is why we light the night.

Now in its tenth year, Light the Night is a unique event bringing Australia’s blood cancer community together in more than 100 locations to remember and reflect during a moving ceremony and short lantern walk.

Last year, more than 35,000 people from every Australian state and territory attended 143 Light the Night events.

Those attending raise money beforehand to help give local families facing blood cancer the emotional and practical support that will light the way forward.

Blood cancer support event

Light the Night fundraisers all receive a coloured lantern to carry as darkness falls and celebrate what they’ve achieved to help people with blood cancer.

They hold gold lanterns to remember loved ones lost to blood cancer, while fundraising to help others facing a similar challenge.

Those who carry a white lantern have been diagnosed with blood cancer themselves, raising money to make a better future for those who may have to follow in their footsteps.

Blue lanterns are raised high by the community that surrounds us all, funding the life-saving support services that their families or someone they know may one-day need.

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