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Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Blood Cancer Awareness Month is an international event that’s been helping to tell the story of blood cancer each September for 10 years.

People with blood cancer have the best chance of surviving and then living well when they’re diagnosed quickly and treated with the best medicines.

We’re making good progress but this September we’re asking you to help break down the barriers still standing between people with blood cancer and the best treatments for them.

If we work together, we can do great things that accelerate the development of new treatments and give people fairer access to the best ones we have today.

Because helping people get the treatment they need saves lives.

This page will be updated with new resources in 2021.

Every year, more than 17,000 Australians will be newly diagnosed with blood cancer

Someone is diagnosed with blood cancer every 31 minutes


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Read about how people are #BreakingBarriers

People living with blood cancer talk about their experience.

Share your story

Share your story about living with a blood cancer

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Listen to our new podcasts

Brendan and Roxanne share their bone marrow transplant story

Podcasts and audio
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New video resources for people with blood cancer

Chemotherapy explained by an expert haematologist

Practicing as a haematologist for over 20 years, Dr James Morton is an expert in the blood cancer field and has seen many patients through chemotherapy treatment. Dr Morton breakdowns the process of chemotherapy, how it is used to treat blood cancers and what a patient can expect when undergoing treatment. Made with Icon Cancer Centre.

Chemotherapy explained by a patient conquering blood cancer

Colin was diagnosed with the blood cancer, chronic lymphocytic leukaemia in 2012 and remained on ‘watch and wait’ until needing chemotherapy treatment in 2019. He shares his story, including what to expect during treatment and his advice to others to get through their own journey. Made with Icon Cancer Centre.

Chemotherapy explained by a senior cancer nurse

Colleen is the Nurse Unit Manager at Icon Cancer Centre, North Lakes and has over 15 years’ experience caring for cancer patients through their chemotherapy treatment. She runs through what to expect during treatment, how your nurse can support you and ways to continue to live well while undergoing chemotherapy. Made with Icon Cancer Centre.

World CML Day Webinar with Professor Tim Hughes

Professor Tim Hughes, haematologist, Blood Cancer Taskforce Member and international CML expert covers topics including: CML overview; Blood Cancer Taskforce; Current CML treatment; TKI treatment; ICMLF theme of ‘life without CML’.

View more videos on our Blood Cancer Awareness Month playlist >

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