Thanks for doing something incredible! | Leukaemia Foundation

Thanks for doing something incredible!

Tax appeal 2017

Your thoughtful gift will help families through the devastation that comes with a blood cancer diagnosis.

We’ve emailed you a tax deductible receipt. Please keep it for your records at tax time.

Your kind support will be used to give patients and their families access to a range of services like a professional blood cancer support coordinator who can provide personal emotional support to lessen the fear that comes with a diagnosis. Someone who will listen, be there when needed and understand the unique challenges that come with blood cancer.

Kiaan’s mum and dad would like to pass their gratitude to you, too.

Thank you for being part of a community to help others and look after each other. Your gift is a simple act of kindness that has a big impact for families going through their blood cancer journey.

You are an important part of the blood cancer support puzzle, thank you again.

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