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Gift in Will testimonials

Why we left a gift in our Will to the Leukaemia Foundation

Susie Lee

Susie Lee and Bob

Susie and Bob stayed in Leukaemia Foundation accommodation while Bob was receiving treatment for leukaemia. Sadly Bob passed away in 2009, but after he did an “Umbrella of support went up for me,” said Susie.

“The Leukaemia Foundation reached out to me, sending me information and seeing if they could help me on my grief journey.”

When Susie celebrated her 60th birthday, she asked her friends to donate to the Leukaemia Foundation in lieu of gifts.

“This was a great way to raise some money and awareness for an amazing organisation,” Susie said.

Susie now plans to leave a portion of her estate in her Will to the Leukaemia Foundation.


Dot Crawford

Dot Crawford

The loss of her beloved son sparked Dot Crawford’s lifelong commitment to the Leukaemia Foundation and her inclusion of a gift in her Will to help other families beat blood cancer.

“We lost our son on his 10th birthday in 1965. He was diagnosed with leukaemia six weeks before he passed away,” said Dot.

“In those days there was no treatment or support available; we were left in an emotional and financial hole. I have chosen to include a gift in my Will to ensure someone else’s son, daughter, mother or father is provided vital support when they need it most.”


Belinda and John-Michael Barrie


“Updating our Wills recently gave us the perfect opportunity to include a gift in our Will to the Leukaemia Foundation – a great way of ensuring that other patients in the future will have access to the same support we’ve had. The financial impact of us not being able to work [during John-Michael’s treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma] has meant that it would be impossible for us to support the Leukaemia Foundation financially at the moment – so a gift in Will was the perfect solution.”


Keith Gowdie


Memories of nearly losing his teenage daughter to leukaemia more than 40 years ago made Keith Gowdie’s decision to leave a gift in his will to the Leukaemia Foundation an easy one. Unlike many children diagnosed with leukaemia in the 1970s, Keith’s daughter Cath survived. Keith said supporting the Leukaemia Foundation through a gift in his Will was his way of investing in further medical research and supporting other families affected by blood cancers. “I’d really like to encourage others to support this wonderful organisation by considering a gift in their Will. Any gift, large or small, will ensure that the Leukaemia Foundation can continue its vital work.”


Tom and Lindy Barton


After losing their only daughter to lymphoma in 1997, Tom and Lindy Barton know only too well how the support and care of the Leukaemia Foundation means so much to families facing a blood cancer diagnosis and treatment. “We felt a gift in our Will was something we could do to repay the wonderful care we received from the Leukaemia Foundation and ensure other families will continue to receive the same support at a time when they need it most,” Tom said. “Having this gift already arranged and legally documented gives us peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, this gift is set in place.”



“My husband Brian and I were so grateful to the Foundation for supporting us throughout his illness. Over the years that Brian was ill, the Foundation arranged free accommodation for us when he needed to come to Brisbane for treatment. A gift in my Will is an easy but important way that I can say thank you to the Foundation and ensure that its wonderful work continues for other patients and families. It will also assist the Foundation to continue to invest in medical research which has the potential to save many lives in the future.”

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Last updated on January 11th, 2018

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