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Peter Hall: Beating blood cancers after retirement

Peter Hall

After losing his father to blood cancer at just 63 years old, leaving a gift in his Will to the Leukaemia Foundation was an easy decision for Peter Hall.

“Being retired myself and able to enjoy hobbies like bushwalking is a stark reminder that my Dad didn’t get to retire and enjoy his life after work,” Peter said.

“Even though my regular earnings have come to an end, I still wanted to support the causes that are close to my heart.

“After earning money all your life it suddenly stops in retirement and people are often concerned about making their funds last. Leaving a gift in your Will is a great way to support the causes that are important to you without eating into your retirement funds.

“Because I lost Dad to acute myeloid leukaemia, leaving money to the Leukaemia Foundation meant I could help other patients and their families beat blood cancers.”

Despite having a Will for many years, Peter said a presentation from the public trustee at his former workplace prompted him to update it, a process which he said was very easy and free of charge.

If you would like more information about leaving a gift in your Will, contact the Leukaemaia Foundation’s Donor Liaison Officer Emma Quigley on 07 3318 4459, email or read more on gifts in Will here.

Last updated on February 19th, 2020

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