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“I didn’t want the kids to have to think, ‘Is Mummy going to die?’” 

When mum-of-three Jay was diagnosed with gray zone lymphoma, she was rushed into chemotherapy immediately: her blood cancer was that serious.  

She was hooked up to a chemotherapy pump 24 hours a day, five days a week. But even though Jay was in sheer agony, she only had one thing on her mind: her children.  

“I was in hospital worrying, ‘Have the kids had their bath? Have they done their homework?’ I just wanted them to have a normal, happy childhood and think normal, happy thoughts.  

“I didn’t want them to have to think, ‘Is Mummy going to die?’ Kids shouldn’t have to worry about their mum or dad. It should be the other way around. I felt terrible.”    

No mum should feel terrible, because they have blood cancer. No mum should feel like they’re letting their children down or not looking after them, because they’re stuck in hospital.  

So please give now to help mums with blood cancer focus on what matters most: their recovery and their family 

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With your gift, you could help provide mums like Jay with a Leukaemia Foundation Blood Cancer Support Coordinator. Thanks to you, these specialist support staff could: 

  • Take care of paying some household bills.  
  • Organise travel to and from hospital  
  • Help struggling parents arrange for meals to be cooked and children to be picked up  
  • Arrange counselling, bring people together for support groups and generally take the weight off  

Jay’s Blood Cancer Support Coordinator was called Jane, and she was there all the way through treatment. Thankfully Jay’s blood cancer is now in remission: 

“I couldn’t have made it without Jane. She was my guardian angel. There were times when the stress got too much, but Jane gave strength to our family and helped hold it together.”  

Mums are the pillar of a family. But when they have blood cancer, you can imagine why some families can start to crumble under the pressure. Please will you help them right now? 

Even with a supportive partner by their side, mums with blood cancer must face so much. There’s the long hours in hospital, and the agony and exhaustion from intensive treatment.  

And then there’s the terrible pain from worrying, like Jay did, that she was somehow failing as a mum: by not being there for her children and not looking after them.  

So please will you give today and provide mums like Jay with a Blood Cancer Support Coordinator? 

You could help them focus on getting better and spending time with their family. You could be the pillar of strength that holds families together. Thank you.  

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Last updated on February 19th, 2019

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