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Myeloma Awareness Month 2019

May is Myeloma Awareness Month and the Leukaemia Foundation, in conjunction with Myeloma Australia, will be shining the spotlight on education and awareness of myeloma in Australia. From 10-30 May we’ll be co-hosting a series of nine special events nationally, with specialists presenting on the latest ‘what, how, when and why’ of myeloma.

What is myeloma?

Myeloma, also known as multiple myeloma, is a cancer of the plasma cells, which are normally found in the bone marrow. Myeloma develops when plasma cells undergo a cancerous or malignant change and become myeloma cells. It affects more than 1900 Australians each year and as our population ages, the incidence of myeloma in Australia is projected to increase. Click here to learn more about myeloma.

Jeanette takes nothing for granted

Jeanette was one of those 1900 Australians last year who received the news that she had Multiple Myeloma. Darwin mother of two Jeanette Kingston, 41, never takes a single day for granted. When she was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma on August 13, 2018 she thought death was knocking at her door.

With two young children, Brayden 9, and Tahlia 7 Jeanette made up her mind to fight for her life. She won the first round – taking on chemotherapy at the Darwin hospital before being sent to Adelaide for an autologous stem cell transplant. Right from the start she knew she’d be faced with a second with specialists advising back to back transplants would give her the best chance of a cancer free future.

“The biggest thing I have learned from it all is that before cancer, I just took life for granted,” Jeanette said. “But I quickly learned tomorrow isn’t promised. The biggest blessing is now – I don’t take anything for granted. I have young kids, I want to be around as long as I can.”

Jeanette will be undertaking her second Stem Cell transplant during May – Myeloma Awareness Month. You can read Jeanette’s full story here.

Myeloma awareness month events

Join us for these informative and educational events which will focus on topics such as current myeloma management, the impact of research for expanding treatment options, as well as sessions on living well with myeloma. For full event details and bookings just click on the event date below.

10 May – Sydney

11 May – Adelaide

13 May – Gosford

17 May – Hobart

17 May – Newcastle

21 May – Wollongong

24 May – Perth

28 May – Brisbane

30 May – Melbourne

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