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World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2017

Each year the Leukaemia Foundation marks World Lymphoma Awareness Day to help increase the understanding and awareness of the fifth most common cancer in Australia.

This year we’re helping those diagnosed with lymphoma, as well as their carers, family and friends, achieve balance in their daily life, providing information and support to help you deal with the impact of lymphoma.

We will be running a series of events all over Australia. Queensland events are listed below; other events across Australia can be found here.

Sunshine Coast

8 September, 10.30am
Bloomhill Cancer Care, 58 Ballinger Rd, Buderim

Guest speaker: Dr Sorab Shavaksha
Dr Shavaksha graduated from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom in 2002 before moving to Queensland in 2006 to pursue his specialist training in Brisbane. He commenced full-time private practice in 2013, offering consultation and treatment for all haematological disorders including lymphomas, from the Sunshine Coast Haematology and Oncology Clinic.

Please RSVP on 07 3055 8233 or email


15 September, 10am
ESA Village, 41 Peter Doherty Street, Dutton Park, Brisbane

Guest speakers:
Craig Smith
Craig is a Senior Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia, and a Registered Yoga Therapist.
Dr Ian Irving
Dr Irving is a consultant haematologist at Icon Cancer Care Wesley, and the Medical Director of Icon Cancer Care.
Maryanne Skarparis
Maryanne is a Support Services Coordinator with the Leukaemia Foundation.

RSVP on 07 3055 8233 or 1800 620 420 or email

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