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Cooking for Chemo

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Cooking for Chemo gives patients and carers ideas for creating easy, tasty and nutritious meals that suit their changing tastes and lifestyle during blood cancer treatment.

The Cooking for Chemo booklet and additional recipe cards contain a collection of delicious recipes designed to tempt the patient’s tastebuds. Created in partnership with celebrity chefs and qualified dietitians these specially modified meals allow for the impact of treatment on diet, appetite and food tolerance.

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Learn about food safety

Food safety is an important issue for people living with blood cancer. Learn how to select, transport, prepare, cook and store food to reduce your risk of food poisoning. Find out more.

The recipe booklet and additional cards do not cover your personalised nutritional requirements while undergoing treatment for your blood cancer. It’s important you discuss with your doctor or a dietitian specialising in cancer nutrition any concerns you may have regarding your dietary needs and other changes affecting you. Patients with lowered immune systems as a result of treatment should follow the recommended dietary guidelines provided by your treating centre.


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Last updated on July 31st, 2019

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