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JMML treatment

How is JMML treated?

Due to the rarity of JMML, a consensus on the standard treatment for JMML is not clear.

Chemotherapy treatment prior to a donor stem cell transplant may be considered for some children as a part of their treatment plan. Long term remission of JMML through sole treatment of chemotherapy has shown to be unsuccessful. However, chemotherapy has been beneficial in improving JMML in some children who do not display an aggressive form of the disease.

Currently an allogeneic (donor) stem cell transplant is the only curative option for children with JMML. Around 50% of children who undertake a transplant obtain long term remission. Unfortunately a high number of children relapse with JMML after their transplant. Your treating specialist will discuss treatment options with you if your child relapses. One of these options may include a second donor transplant to achieve remission.

Side effects of JMML treatment

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