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Lymphoma: Amy opens door to a cure


Blood cancer survivor Amy Thomas recently raised an impressive $2233 for our annual Doorknock appeal.

Amy, mum of Jackson, 9 Matilda, 4 and Charli, 3, was looking for a way to give support to more families affected by blood cancer.

“The support I was given by the Leukaemia Foundation made it so much easier to focus on getting well again. Raising money with the Doorknock appeal gave me the opportunity to provide these services for another family in need.”

Hailing from Springsure, a small town outside of Emerald, having to travel to Brisbane to receive treatment was incredibly daunting for the family.

“I found out on Christmas Eve that I had a tumour in my chest,” explains Amy. “We spent Christmas at home with the kids and family, and then my husband Jason and I were straight on the road  to Brisbane to see a haematology and oncology specialist.

“After two long weeks of testing and biopsies, they confirmed the tumour was cancerous and I was diagnosed with primary mediastinal B cell lymphoma.”

Amy stayed at the Leukaemia Foundation’s Clem Jones-Sunland Village for five months while undergoing treatment at the Wesley Hospital.

“The facilities are beautiful and they staff are very kind and helpful. We had access to free transport to and from the hospital, they e had staff to help fill out forms, discuss medical issues and provide counselling.”

Thankfully Amy responded well to treatment , with the tumour shrinking to half its size after the first round of chemo, and was able to return home at the end of May after six rounds of treatment.

Last year our supporters provided 969 families with more than 52,879 nights of free accommodation in our villages and motels located near treatment centres.

So thank you to Amy and the many thousands of other Queenslanders who this year have raised $443,907 to beat blood cancers.

Doorknock is a chance for you to volunteer your time and collect money in your neighbourhood on behalf of the Leukaemia Foundation. The money you raise will ensure more people survive blood cancer and then go on to live a better quality of life.

Doorknock 2017 will take place 15-28 July. Registrations are now open, click here for more.

Last updated on June 19th, 2019

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