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Leukaemia: “I have two healthy sons living full lives”

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Koreen’s sons were diagnosed with a blood cancer called leukaemia. The following are all Koreen’s words, shared with the Leukaemia Foundation to help raise awareness of blood cancer during September’s Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2019. You can share your story, too, by clicking here.

I have two sons who were diagnosed with ALL [Acute Lymphblastic Leukemia]. The eldest son was 2.5 yrs old when diagnosed – it was a very stressful time as I had a 4 week old baby too, and I was trying to cater for his needs as well as the needs of my eldest.

My eldest did not go into remission as per normal “slow responder” so he was bumped to the high risk category – very high dose chemotherapy.

Eventually he responded and thankfully, a bone marrow transplant was not needed. Fast track two years later, life is back to normal and things are all going well for all when my baby (now 3.5 yrs old) was also diagnosed with ALL.

Thankfully he responded well and was just standard risk but not to be out done, he had an anaphylactic reaction to one of the chemo drugs.

Two years later he too came to the end just in time for him to start school.

I now have two very healthy young adult men, 22yrs and 20yr old living full lives. The eldest just graduated university studying Paramedicine and joining the Army as a commando. My youngest son is joining the Navy. He has had many delays due to medical history but hopefully he is nearly there.

Posted on September 12th, 2019

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