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Lymphoma: “It was a shock”

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Anthony Arden was diagnosed with a blood cancer called lymphoma in 2014. The following are all Anthony’s words, shared with the Leukaemia Foundation to help raise awareness of blood cancer during September’s Blood Cancer Awareness Month. You can share your story, too, by clicking here.

I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in March. It was a shock but you have to deal with things now.

You have to be positive in this or the cancer wins.

I had three rounds of R-CHOP chemo, which was very hard on me because my family is in the UK. I only have my wife here.

Then I had 15 days of radiation treatment as well, which was better than chemo. [I was] still very tired out [but] then [I saw] my oncologist [and] I am now in remission.

He said if I reach five years I should be cured but you are always worried that it make come back. Fingers crossed it doesn’t.

The nurses and all the people at the oncology and radiation oncology at the [Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital] RBWH in Brisbane are totally brilliant at their jobs and the public system is fantastic. We have one of the best cancer systems in the world.

Last updated on September 2nd, 2019

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