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Why I had to grow my beard – and why I’m shaving it off!

Dan McMahon is taking part in World's Greatest Shave 2015

The first thing you notice about Dan is his impressive auburn beard, but what is more impressive is the story behind it.

In May last year, Dan McMahon was assaulted and his jaw was broken.

Not one to be defeated, ‘Bushranger Dan’, as he’s now known by many, turned his negative experience into a positive – by growing a beard (and a new nickname)!

“After I was assaulted I couldn’t shave because of my injury. Ten weeks later and the beard had grown fairly well and I was getting a lot of positive feedback about it, so it stayed,” Dan said.

But come March 6 the 30-year-old from Townsville, pictured with his partner Cassie and their dog, Moss, will shave it all off for World’s Greatest Shave.

“The beard was getting a lot of attention so I thought I would shave it and raise money!”

Dan, who is part of the Bridgestone Team, also has another special reason for taking part this year. “When I was in high school, my youngest brother, Josh, was diagnosed with leukaemia at 12 years old,” he said.

“Back then the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland did a lot for our family,

“So it’s my turn to give a little back to an organisation that helped our family, and one that continues to help families all over Queensland.”


Between March 12-15 more than 150,000 people across the country will get sponsored to shave or colour their hair to support Australians with blood cancer and fund life-saving research.

You can sign up, sponsor someone who is taking part, or simply donate, but whatever you do, you’ll be helping to beat blood cancer in Queensland.

World's Greatest Shave 2015

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