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Bill Petch

Bill Petch was first appointed as CEO of the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland in 2012 and led an agency-wide program to improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness with a focus on impact and sustainability.

Bill achieved this by drawing on more than two decades of experience in the charity sector, both operationally and strategically. Bill is passionate about delivering the best outcomes for blood cancer patients.

His focus on strategic innovation led the organisation to develop a series of cutting-edge collective impact and shared value initiatives that are transforming the patient journey, enabling greater access to new drugs, therapies and support programs.

Bill recognises that in order to deliver on our mission the organisation must blend its social impact and philanthropic goals with commercial and business realities. He has therefore focused the Leukaemia Foundation on long-term sustainability and successfully rolled out new management structures that drove strategic growth, underpinned by sound fundraising opportunities.

Maximum impact

His priority is to diversify the Leukaemia Foundation’s income streams so to remove any financial risk and ensure investments are made in areas where there is maximum impact for blood cancer patients.

In 2016, Bill was appointed CEO of the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia, after the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland and its national partner charity, the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia, unified.

Prior to coming to the Leukaemia Foundation, he spent over a decade with Barnardos, one of the largest and most respected children’s charities in Australia and overseas, and advised global communications firms on social impact and corporate responsibility.

He has developed innovative award-winning social impact programs across a wide variety of industries including finance, health and education.

Bill holds a range of post graduate qualifications in politics, marketing, leadership and social impact.

Last updated on January 8th, 2020

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