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Who we are

Teenager Siobhan Hoy was diagnosed with blood cancer when she was growing up in regional Australia

A shared cause

Your blood is a remarkable thing. It keeps you alive by giving your body what it needs, taking away what it doesn’t and fighting off infection.

But more than 110,000 people in Australia are living with the devastating impact of blood cancer and it’s one of the biggest causes of cancer death.

It’s a cancer of your blood and immune systems, preventing them from doing what they need to keep you alive and healthy.

Blood cancer develops in the places of your body where blood is made, but its exact cause is unknown.

A range of things affect someone’s chance of surviving blood cancer and it can be incurable.

There are many different types of blood cancer and together they are among the most prevalent and deadly cancers in Australia today. The most common types of blood cancer are called lymphoma, leukaemia and myeloma

Our purpose and values

We may have leukaemia in our name but the Leukaemia Foundation stands with Australia to help cure and conquer every blood cancer – with care.

Our values power that purpose: we care deeply, we’re bold, and we always step up and make it count for people living with blood cancer.

A shared mission

Together we’re attacking every blood cancer, from every direction, in every way we can. Here’s how:


We stand beside every Australian to be their voice and their someone-to-turn-to, fighting to get them access to the best care.

The Leukaemia Foundation is the only national organisation that represents the needs of all people living with any blood cancer in Australia and takes the lead in the conversation around blood cancer.

Our priority is to save lives by ensuring equity of access and advocating for health service reform.

  1. We want complete equity of access so no matter where in Australia someone is diagnosed with blood cancer, they have access to the latest treatments that are best for them.
  2. We advocate for health service reform to ensure everyone diagnosed receives the same treatment.

Some of these we can deliver ourselves, some will require us to partner with the entire blood cancer community and others require us to advocate at a national level for change.

Get the full picture and read our latest State of the Nation: Blood Cancer in Australia report here.


We accelerate research delivering rapid advancements in blood cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The Leukaemia Foundation supports medical research that delivers advancements in treatments, encourages the careers of promising scientists, discovers new diagnostics and novel therapies, and gives Australians access to global clinical trials.

We are concentrating our resources on projects that will benefit the greatest number of people living with blood cancer today.

It doesn’t matter which blood cancer or whether it means advancements in diagnosis, treatment or life after blood cancer, we invest in innovation across the blood cancer spectrum.

We are working on seven research priorities:

  1. Understanding the biology of blood cancer, including what happens, where and why
  2. Finding personalised precision treatments tailor-made for someone’s cancer
  3. Discovering new ways to diagnose blood cancer
  4. Finding new treatments that will save lives
  5. Investigating the psychosocial aspects of cancer, including how it impacts someone’s thoughts, feelings and relationships
  6. Investment in innovative clinical trials and using real-world data
  7. Preventing blood cancer by investigating risk factors and causes

We can’t do all this alone. We’re forging strong research partnerships to deliver maximum impact for people with blood cancer, including HSANZ, Cancer Australia and the Centre for Blood Transport and Cell Therapy.


We provide services and support that empower people with any blood cancer to live well after a diagnosis.

The Leukaemia Foundation helps people living with blood cancer by giving them access to information they can trust alongside innovative support services.

We provide the latest information about a blood cancer diagnosis, treatment options and how to manage symptoms and side effects.

The Leukaemia Foundation also offers practical and emotional support to help people manage and adjust to life with blood cancer and connect with Australia’s wider blood cancer community.

A shared goal

Our big goal is to make sure zero lives are lost to blood cancer by 2035. Learn more about how we’re standing with you to save more lives.

Last updated on January 22nd, 2020

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