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A chance to give back

Robert Gomes

Like many of the people we help, Robert Gomes was eager to give back to the Leukaemia Foundation in appreciation of the help he received while undergoing treatment for blood cancer.

The 43-year-old Telstra employee volunteers with the Leukaemia Foundation through his workplace, and recently jumped on the phones to give a very welcome thank you call to some of our generous donors.

Robert’s thank you came from the heart as he knows first-hand how difficult it is to be diagnosed with a blood cancer.

“I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in September 2013 after landing in hospital with a bout of pneumonia. I began chemotherapy just three days later and achieved remission in November. One year later I was admitted to hospital where I spent 41 days recovering from a bone marrow transplant,” he said.

As a Brisbane resident, Robert didn’t need our free accommodation services, but met new friends in hospital who told him they would not have survived without this lifeline.

Robert took advantage of other support services on offer including seminars by leading doctors, phone counselling and the popular Fit to Thrive exercise program.

“The support services staff at the Leukaemia Foundation helped me move past the shock and grieving stage of being diagnosed, and instead focus on being strong, positive and confident,” he said.

“I am so happy I have the chance to give something back through workplace volunteering and to say thank you to those who have donated money so people like me can access support when they need it.”


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