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Partnership with Cancer Australia

The Leukaemia Foundation is pleased to advise that it has partnered in the 2011 round of Cancer Australia’s Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme.

Through this grants scheme the Leukaemia Foundation will support cancer research project grants in its identified research priority area of multiple myeloma. Basic and applied research projects will be considered but preference will be given to projects with the potential for short to medium term clinical application. Projects must have myeloma as the primary focus of investigation.

Examples of projects being sought after are:

  • Controlled clinical trials with a clinically relevant endpoint. These must be investigator initiated and not industry sponsored.
  • Projects which are likely to improve clinical outcomes of patients in the short-term.
  • Identification of novel biomarkers with a clear pathway to routine clinical implementation.
  • Earlier stage research with a translational focus which promotes formation of multidisciplinary collaborations and research structures beyond the life of the grant.

The research priority areas of the Leukaemia Foundation and other funding partners and further information about the grants scheme can be found on the Cancer Australia website. Relevant documentation, including application forms and instructions for applicants will be published on the websites of Cancer Australia and the National Health and Medical Research Council in December, to coincide with the opening of the call for applications in early December. The call for applications will close on March.

For further information regarding partnership priorities, click here.

For summary information regarding the program, click here.