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New Directions in Leukaemia Research Partnership

The Leukaemia Foundation has hosted the biennial NDLR Conference series since its inception in 2006, since then, NDLR has gained an reputation for bringing together representatives of the international research community to share ideas and enrich understanding of the current concepts in leukaemia research and therapies.

In recent years, leukaemia research has evolved at an unprecedented rate translating to impactful outcomes for patients. In this rapidly changing environment, the NDLR series has proven to be a wonderful opportunity for researchers and clinicians to keep well abreast of advancements in the field.

In addition, during the conference The Leukaemia Foundation hosts the Young Researcher’s Forum, initially in the forum, international and national high achievers reflect on their careers and the challenges they have faced, and then giving young researchers the opportunity to meet with high profile industry leaders in small groups, where they are able to ask questions and share their experiences. 

The Leukaemia Foundation is very pleased to host the New Directions in Leukaemia Research meeting each alternate year to provide an opportunity for Australian clinicians, researchers and many of our scholars to meet with Australian and international experts in Leukaemia. The meeting is kept to a small size to ensure that the opportunities are maximised for interaction, sharing and learning.”  Anna Williamson, National Manager Research and Advocacy - Leukaemia Foundation

Leukaemia Foundation Young Investigator Award recipient 2012:

Dr Andrew Moore 
“Receiving the Leukaemia Foundation Young Investigator Award at the 2012 NDLR meeting was an unexpected honour, given the very high quality of many posters and presentations given by other Young Investigators at the meeting. The award was very helpful in terms of covering the costs of attending the meeting, but most importantly, the award helps to highlight the importance of the work I undertook during my PhD on FLT3 inhibitor resistance and dual FLT3-Aurora kinase inhibition for acute myeloid leukaemia. The award is an important addition to my CV and will hopefully help me secure ongoing competitive research funding in the future. The Leukaemia Foundation's work in hosting the NDLR meeting and providing financial support for awards such as the Young Investigator award is enormously appreciated.”

Leukaemia Foundation Poster Prize Award recipients 2012:

Dr Megumi Takiguchi (WEHI)
“Winning a poster award gave me assurance that my research project was on the right track and gave me motivation to work harder. “

Mr Dale Watkins (CCB)
"Winning the Leukaemia Foundation Poster Prize was both very exciting, but completely unexpected at the same time.  To receive recognition for my research at an international conference such as NDLR, was a great acknowledgement for the hard work that I have put into my PhD so far, which has also been generously supported by the Leukaemia Foundation.  Not only was it extremely pleasing to win the Poster Prize, but it provides great encouragement to continue striving to achieve the best out of my research and myself. I sincerely thank the Leukaemia Foundation for sponsoring this NDLR conference Poster Prize."

Dr Catherine Forristal (MMRI)
“ Receiving this prestigious prize has enabled me be more competitive in the next round of fellowship applications and therefore helped to further my career in leukaemia research. Thank you Leukaemia Foundation.”

Dr Craig Wallington-Beddoe (Westmead) 
“Receiving this prize from the Leukaemia Foundation acknowledges the hard work and dedication that goes into conducting high-level scientific research. The NDLR meeting has become the premier research meeting dedicated to leukaemia in Australia and attracts numerous international speakers who enhance its importance. I have become more and more impressed with NDLR and will continue to support its continuation and role in leukaemia research.”

 Dr Mark McKenzie (WEHI)

"The award gives me great confidence to continue to pursue the goals of this project"


A word from the co-convenors

I really enjoyed working with Mark and both of the Committees to organise NDLR2012. We had great participation from all of the Invited Speakers and the the LFA Young Investigator Forum was a great success.  There was ground-breaking science presented which made for a really stimulating meeting and again there was a high level of interaction and open discussion amongst the participants. I am greatly looking forward to the 2014 meeting."  Associate Professor Richard D’Andrea

Research into leukaemia has undergone an unprecedented revolution over the last decade with major discoveries by Australian and International scientists and clinicians having a major impact in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of leukaemia. The New Directions in Leukaemia Research (NDLR) Conference is the only regular international conference where world leaders in leukaemia research have the opportunity to come together and discuss progress in developing new cures. NDLR2012 generated great excitement amongst delegates with several presentations showcasing promising new treatments and drugs for several types of leukaemia. Scientists and clinicians from around Australia and overseas are using NDLR as a forum in which to organize and collaborate so that the translation of basic discoveries into improved treatments can be fast-tracked. I look forward to NDLR2014.   Dr. Mark Guthridge

Special acknowledgement is owed to the people who work very hard to make the NDLR such a success:

NDLR Scientific Committee:

Richard D’Andrea (Co-convenor, SA Pathology, SA)
Mark Guthridge (Co-convenor, Monash University, VIC)
Ken Bradstock (Westmead Hospital, NSW)
Tom Gonda (Diamantina Institute, QLD)
David Huang (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, VIC)
Tim Hughes (SA Pathology, SA)
Ricky Johnstone (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC)
Richard Lock (Children’s Cancer Institute Australia, NSW)
Charles Mullighan (St Judes, USA)
Louise Purton (St Vincent's Institute, VIC)
John Rasko (Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology, NSW)
Andrew Roberts (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, VIC)

NDLR Organising Committee:

Richard D’Andrea (SA Pathology, SA)
Mark Guthridge (Monash University, VIC)
Devinder Gill (Princess Alexandra Hospital,QLD)
Ian Lewis (SA Pathology, SA)
Matthew McCormack (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, VIC)
Michelle Perugini (SA Pathology, SA)
Alison Rice (Mater Medical Research Institute, QLD)
Diana Salerno (SA Pathology, SA) 
Nikki Verrills (University of Newcastle, NSW)
Andrew Wei (Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, VIC)
Deb White (SA Pathology, SA)
Anna Williamson (Leukaemia Foundation of Australia, QLD)

To find out more about NDLR’s history and info on NDLR2014, please visit: http://www.ndlrconference.com/