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Education and Support Programs

The Leukaemia Foundation offers disease-specific and general education programs throughout Australia.

These programs are designed to empower people who have been affected by a blood cancer/disorder with information regarding diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

They also provide an opportunity to hear from specialist doctors and allied health professionals, while meeting people in a similar situation.

The education and support sessions are facilitated by our professional Support Service staff, so you can be sure of a quality learning/support experience.

Many sessions will have a guest 'expert' speaker to ensure you hear the best quality information available in your region, on a range of topics.

Many people find that hearing information this way allows them to learn information, and ask questions, that they dont feel they get the chance to do in a busy clinical setting.

The Foundation also provides support to people online and via telephone support networks.

The Foundation's Telephone Discussion Forums are designed to allow regional people, who may never otherwise meet another person with the same condition, to talk with others, share experiences, and support each other. These forums have proved to be very popular. To learn more, call 1800 620 420.

All our education programs are free of charge, and bookings are essential.

About the Programs

All our education programs are free of charge. Please remember that bookings are essential.

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Education and Support Program – Event Calendar

View our list of upcoming education and support events.

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Telephone Discussion Forums

Support is being provided to people with blood cancer and their carers across Australia through the Leukaemia Foundation's Telephone discussion forums.

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Young Bloods

The Leukaemia Foundation's program to support children and young adults with a blood cancer.

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Disease-specific Facebook Groups

The Leukaemia Foundation has developed a number of closed (members only) Facebook groups for people to share their personal experiences with their specific blood cancer type.

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Cooking for Chemo

Our Cooking for Chemo booklet gives people with blood cancer and their carers ideas for creating easy, tasty and nutritious meals that suit their changing tastes and lifestyle during blood cancer treatment.

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CLL My Way

CLL My Way is a program to support people living with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.

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