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Ride As One inspires doctor to get on his bike

Publish Date: 14/4/2016

As a general practitioner, Dr Dimitrios Kollios understands how cancer in any context, irrespective of prognosis, has a numbing effect on the person and their family and how quickly it can turn someone’s world upside-down.

So when friends asked him to get his blood pumping for blood cancer and join them for the Leukaemia Foundation’s Ride as One fundraiser, Dr Kollios did so, but initially as a personal challenge.

“I was aware the Foundation existed, but had no insight into its work and the reliance on fundraising and volunteers,” said Dr Kollios. “I quickly learned of the support the Leukaemia Foundation provides for people with a blood cancer and I decided to increase my fundraising goal.”

Dr Kollios says his role as a GP is to support the individual diagnosed with an illness and the closer you are to a family the greater that role becomes.

“The suffering, anguish and fear of a blood cancer is spread across the whole family and I believe that is where an organisation like the Leukaemia Foundation does wonderful work,” said Dr Kollios.

He said meeting the volunteers who drive people with blood cancer made him more aware and appreciative of the Foundation and its services and the money he was raising became linked to a tangible outcome.

“It was inspiring raising money for Ride As One,” said Dr Kollios. “It was no longer money raised for a good cause, but money raised to provide an apartment, ensuring someone with blood cancer doesn’t have to worry about accommodation or travel while undergoing blood cancer treatment.”

So moved by his Ride As One experience, Dr Kollios put pen to paper writing “The challenge of leukaemia ride paralleling the challenge of confronting severe illnessand he is encouraging others to consider joining Ride As One or any other Get Your Blood Pumping for Blood Cancer challenges to help provide support for people with a blood cancer diagnosis.

“Join us – and it is really is an ‘us’,” said Dr Kollios. “You don’t have to be a gun rider and you will be supported by everyone in the group. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself, have a great time and support a great cause.”

For more information visit Ride As One or check out other exciting events which will Get Your Blood Pumping for Blood Cancer.

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