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We're famous for our fundraising events, which are among the most successful in Australia.

Join thousands of Australians who sign up and get sponsored to shave, walk, run, ride and more, all to raise money for families facing blood cancer.

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Light the Night - across Australia this October 

Help to create a brighter future by gathering at twilight with family and friends to shine a beautiful lantern at this inspiring walk.  Join your nearest walk or offer to host a walk in your community. Visit the Light the Night website


U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year

If you're a big-hearted bartender, show us the "Understanding, Generous, Likeable You" by raising funds to provide regional families with a home away from home in the city during their blood cancer treatment.  Visit the U.G.L.Y. Bartender website. 

World's Greatest Shave - March 2017

Be brave and shave in our biggest event each March. Fancy getting sponsored to shave or colour your hair?  It's an extraordinary way to show solidarity with people affected by blood cancer and to raise funds to support them.   Visit the World’s Greatest Shave website.


Get your blood pumping for blood cancer 

Push yourself to help others by accepting our challenge to cycle, run or climb. Each year we offer overseas marathons and adventures, plus local running and cycling events. You'll be amazed what you can achieve with the right support. Visit Get Your Blood Pumping website.


Events near you 

From long lunches to delightful days at the races, you can be a guest at one of the Leukaemia Foundation's ready-made fundraising events.  Join an event, meet new people and help to raise funds for support and research

 Find the perfect event for you.