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CLL My Way

The Leukaemia Foundation is dedicated to improving the survival and quality of life of people diagnosed with a blood cancer. We are now running a program that has been developed to provide personalised information and support specifically to people with CLL. This program is called 'CLL My Way'.

CLL My Way is a wellness program that will highlight issues around having a diagnosis of CLL and its treatments, and provide strategies on how to live well with CLL.

The treatments available to people with CLL are rapidly changing as we move towards a greater use of targeted therapies. Some of these newer therapies will require people to take tablets every day, perhaps for the rest of their lives. Research demonstrates that taking tablets every day can be difficult for many people. Helping to support you as you strive to adhere to your oral CLL therapies will be an important part of CLL My Way.

Those who are part of the CLL My Way program will have access to:

  • support coordinators experienced with CLL who can be contacted by email, phone, or where possible, face to face, to offer you support and advice around the challenges of living with CLL as a chronic disease
  • a CLL My Way telephone forum, enabling you to have contact with others with CLL. These forums will be facilitated by CLL My Way Coordinators who will also organise CLL and wellness experts to present information at various sessions.
  • access to a moderated CLL My Way closed Facebook group to share experiences and gain peer support from others with CLL.
  • information addressing CLL-specific issues to empower participants to be active in seeking wellness through their treatments, recovery period, and beyond.
  • access to Leukaemia Foundation programs such as Blood Buddies and Cooking for Chemo.

The CLL My Way program will not give you personalised treatment advice. This information should always be given to you by your treating specialist. The program will, however, complement the advice given by your treating specialist and help you to integrate your CLL and treatments into your daily life. Our aim is to help support you to live your life to its best. Topics covered in the CLL My Way program include:

  • Adhering to therapy
  • Managing side-effects
  • Fear of disease progression/relapse
  • Financial Health
  • Relationships
  • Personal reflection/growth
  • Self advocacy.

This program has been made possible through a collaboration between Leukaemia Foundation, Janssen and CLL Australian Research Consortium (CLL ARC).

If you have CLL and would like to take part, register by calling 1800 00 22 44, or email: cllmyway@leukaemia.org.au.